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Reviews of Nathan’s Presentations

Your Life Speaks with Nathan Harmon
Your Life Speaks is proud to announce that Nathan provided separate presentations of his powerful and interactive message to the upper elementary, middle school and high school students at the Union County Schools on April 13, 2018..


Nathan is a man who is beyond passionate about what he does. Shortly after you meet Nathan, you begin to understand that he truly believes that every person he interacts with can be impacted and that every person can have a life that screams leadership, value, and belief. Nathan believes that people don't have to settle for anything short of excellence, no matter the situation. Nathan’s words are power packed with the message that every person can rise above and overcome their obstacles. You may never meet another speaker who is more energetic and engaging.

Photos  -  April 13, 2018

Review: from a teacher at the school I was at yesterday! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 NO STAR RATING MATCHES THE IMPACT "YOU LIFE SPEAKS" BRINGS TO YOUR SCHOOL! 🙂 I''ve been teaching at Union County Middle School for 15 years, Nathan. I''ve NEVER attended such a session with such impact, power, and love from a guest presenter. This is the first year we''ve had a licensed counselor at our school; the students and staff have yearned for this resource for years. Today, UCMS had the opportunity of making you part of our day and lives. The atmosphere of our entire building was transformed today. A lot of real and hidden emotions surfaced today with students and staff. Thank you. Thank you for not spuing scientific facts. You''ve experience it. You''ve heard it. You''ve seen it. You''ve felt it. Now, you''ve shared it with us. You are saving people, Nathan. I told my superintendent that I want to see more of you in our school. Your message is much more crucial than the content I teach. No core subject in school matters if students and staff don''t have the message you gave today. God Bless You!

Review: Here is a post a teacher just posted about me coming to their school today, I can honestly say I am speechless! 👇🏽🙏🙌 In ALL.. I mean ALL.. my years of convocations and group meetings with my students... TODAY... THIS..., THIS... has impacted me more than one could ever know. It impacted me as a human, as a teacher, as a mother, as a person who has struggled with many thoughts and actions he talked about. THIS...THIS... is the reality that MY kids, my students, my nieces and nephews face. I don’t know what it was, his connect, his directness, his realness... but I found myself crying, among my students and my staff. I cried for them. I cried for my friends. I cried for myself. I was opened to places I haven’t been in a long time. For those of you who have access to our youth, and you have NOT had Nate Harmon speak at your school ... do it. Do it for your kids. Do it for you. I found a small clip. It’s a SMALL clip into what I witnessed today. My students were engaged for an hour. Listening and responding. The rest of the school day was probably the best day I have had In years. I had to share. I was impacted. I’m still reflecting. THANK YOU to my administration who got this to happen. THANK YOU

Review: I loved you''re speech. I usually don''t really pay attention to most people that come and talk at our school but I payed attention to you all the way through. You''re truly amazing and everything you said hit me to my core. Keep doing what you do.

Nathan Harmon, has told his life changing story to over a quarter of a million people and his desire is for two things to happen: for all who hear him to know that as long as there is breath in your lungs, there is a reality of overcoming it all. Secondly, that no matter how bad choices have been, that change is possible because nothing is impossible.